Returning Home - £10

Returning Home - product image
148x210x5mm | Matt printed silk paper (350gsm soft cover)
Signed, Limited edition (of only 150 copies), self published comic book. Part One of the graphic novel 'Returning Home' (48pgs). This book was published as a one-off exhibition catalogue for Cat O'Neil's debut solo show at The Coningsby Gallery. This project was funded by Arts Council England.

After a melancholic end to university, Fiona Edwards embarks on a trip to mother’s native home in Hong Kong. This is the first time they have returned to Hong Kong in 10 years. Set in both the idyllic countryside of Scotland and the vibrant metropolis of Hong Kong, she explores her identity not only in terms of culture, heritage and upbringing, but also her associations with a physical place. As she learns more about herself and her mother, she meets another half Chinese, half British man and for the first time her experiences resonate with another.

‘Returning Home’ is a story of discovery, and an exploration of what ‘home’ means in a mixed cultural environment. But it is also a story of the bond between a mother and daughter.

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